Platform War - Zdarma Akení Hry Hrát

Název hry:

This is a nice turn-based shooter in which you make soldiers fight against each other on 15 different platforms. You can choose between 7 different units that all have their own weapons. Earn experience, in order to get promoted to a higher grade, where you can use other weapons. There's a 'free battle' mode as well! Below the screen you can check your situation, and whose turn it is. There's also a small map. For each attack you get 20 seconds, so make an efficient attack within time given! Wind direction makes a difference, too. Have fun playing this 25-leveled game!
Ovládání: Use the arrow keys to move around and WASD to scroll the screen. Hold the left mouse button to determine the shooting direction and angle, and release to fire.

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Hry - Platform War Hra

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