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Cat God vs Sun King 2

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The fight between the Cat God and the Sun King is still in full stride. The game takes place in Ancient Egypt, where a tower is being built for the Sun King. In every level you, as the Cat God, are given a number of goals you need to achieve. The tower must not be finished, so you need to kill as many Egyptian slaves as possible by throwing balls of fire at them. There are not only slaves, but also soldiers, archers, priests, craftsmen, priestesses, ghosts, jackals, flying soldiers, mummies, and of course your greatest enemy, the Sun King himself. There are also golden scarabs flying around - try to hit these for an extra high score! After every level you get the chance to trade your points for upgrades to enhance your chances of survival. You can play this game by yourself or in two-player mode.
Ovládání: Fireballs automatically follow your cursor. Click to drop one.

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